Blog (layout) update

I updated the blog layout, hope you’ll like it. I also installed a connection with the Disqus commenting system. Great thing about that is that you can now comment on my post as a) a guest b) with your Disqus login or c) with your Twitter login. When you use one of the latter two options, your comment can also be directly posted on twitter, letting all your followers know about it thus stimulating more discussions!

Edit: I now also added the option to login with your facebook account and you now also have the option to add video comments (thx to Brian for the suggestions!)


Bike stolen

wheelsDamn I hate it when this happens. It’s the fourth time now since I live in Utrecht. Just lucky I always buy used bikes, would’ve cost me a fortune if I bought new ones every time this happened.


Joomladays 2009

joomladagen-small-195On Friday 12th and Saturday 13th of June the fourth edition of the Dutch Joomladays will take place in the Mercure Hotel in Nieuwegein, The Netherlands. And this year, I will be the main organizer of the event!

Hundreds of open source experts and business users will attend the event to gain knowledge, exchange experiences and to meet al the (in)famous people in the Joomla community. We have well know speakers from all over the world like Johan Janssens, Brian Teeam, Fotis Evangelou, Gary Brooks and Hannes Papenberg presenting on different interesting subjects. Every day will end in a small party with music, ‘Joomla Jeopardy’ and of course some drinks!

Luckily, I don’t have to do this all on my own, I have a wonderful team of Dutch Joomla enthusiast who help bringing this event to greater hights. New this year are the training courses and the ‘Doctor Joomla‘ sessions. We also have 7 world premiers at our event, one of them being the first view at the next major Joomla edition (version 1.6) by core team member Hannes Papenberg.

Ofcourse we have a (Joomla) website with more information about the event and how to get your tickets:

Joomla!days Netherlands - 12 & 13 June 2009, Nieuwegein