Cloud hosting compared

cloud-computing-globeToday I wanted to test cloud hosting for my own websites. Although I’m not a programmer/techie guy (although that seems to depend on the perception of the people I’m with), I think it is an interesting technology and I’m quite certain this is what storage and hosting will be using more and more in the future. And if you (still) think cloud computing is something mystical or ‘for others’: if you’re using any of the Google services, Facebook, Twitter or something like Dropbox or Jungledisk you are already using it!

So what I did today was to create a Rackspace cloud sites account and compared it with my current dedicated server solution from Some of the test were also executed on a shared hosting provider I’ve always been quite content with. Both the dedicated and shared servers are located in The Netherlands, Rackspace servers are in Texas USA. Test were executed at a local time between 12 and 2 AM so we can assume that the local servers weren’t too busy, this would certainly be a disadvantage for RS so I might do the test again when the local time for RS is also between 12 and 2 AM.

Notice: although these measurements are specific for my location and situation, I think it can still be useful for people in the same situation or useful for people who want to do the tests on their own and want to compare the results.

Specs from the dedicated server:

Intel Dual Core Xeon 3065 2,33Ghz/4M 1333FSB
4GB 667Mhz DDR2 RAM

Specs from the shared and cloud hosting were not available

To test performance, I used 5 tests:

1) ping
2) wget
3) loading a (drupal) webpage
4) HTTP Server Benchmarking Tool
5) Laying Siege

Limitations of my own fiber connection: 50MB/s down, 6MB/s up.

So how did they compare?

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One year twittering

Today is the day that I’m on twitter for year. Time for a celebration! I did some 4600+ post and gained 5300+ followers, not bad I think! Let’s see what the next year will bring me :)