Persuasion API

Persuasion profiling: Dawn of a New Marketing Era

Persuasion APIHow would you like to know what makes your visitors ‘tick’ (or in this context: ‘click’), even when that visitor never visited your site ever before? What if you wouldn’t be limited to creating a website for ‘the average visitor’ (that probably doesn’t exist), but that you’re website would automatically adapt itself to every specific visitor? Still not interested? What if I tell you this will increase your conversion rates not by mere percentages, but with twenty or fourty percent?

Yeah I know this sounds too good to be true. But this reality is getting here sooner then you might think…

Welcome to a new way of marketing that is called Persuasion Profiling.

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Magento ISM Event

This is the video we created at ISM eCompany to promote my Magento introduction workshop.