Ecommerce delicacies: Magento & Ebay integrations to look forward to

As you probably know by now: eBay agreed to acquire Magento. Everything looks like it will stay ‘business as usual’ at the Magento offices, just with more resources to do what they do best so I think that is great news for everyone at Magento (and eBay) and everyone using Magento at the core of their ecommerce business.

Although there are no concrete plans about any further integrations (at least not that are being disclosed yet), the acquisistion got me wondering what integrations between Magento and eBay services/ companies and other x.commerce partners might be pretty nice to look forward to.

Let’s start with the obvious ones and work towards some more exotic integrations.

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Presentation: Online Persuasion

I present about Online Persuasion regularly, and here you can find my presentation slides. Other resources (like books, other websites, video’s etc.) can also be found at

I’ve given this presentation in short 30-minute form to 3-hour workshops on several e-commerce events in The Netherlands, Germany, France, Poland, Romania, Brazil, Spain and the USA.

Although the presentation below without my explanation might leave some open questions here and there, I think it’s worthwhile clicking through it if you’re interested in the topic. Just place a comment if you need more info or have some feedback. A video version from Meet Magento Germany is also included at