It’s not my birthday :)

To everyone on Skype (and Twitter) congratulating me with my birthday today: Thanks!

But it’s not really my birthday…

I’m using Skype for many years now and always used my real birthday (April 25th), but somehow Microsoft decided that my birthday was on October 25th, 1886 making this my 125th (!) birthday. So after explaining this a couple of times (and everyone telling me I look great for my age) I posted this on my blog so I could refer everyone congratulating me to the explanation.

By the way, If you’re still convinced it’s my birthday, you could always send me a birthday cake or if you are also in London tonight for Meet Magento UK you can buy me a drink there ;).

Marriott Mobile App

Missing Persuasion: Marriott Mobile App

Marriott hotel room key

So here’ s a great example of how to get people NOT to do something…

I’m staying at the Marriott hotel in San Francisco, and as a key to your room, you get a card (as shown to the right). Apparently the Marriott hotel has a Mobile app and thought that it would be a great way to bring this to the attention of everyone staying at the hotel. Since everyone has a room key, this would be a great place to get this under the attention of the visitors.

So far, nothing wrong with the idea. But then came the execution…

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X.commerce developer conference

Magento announcements at #innovate2011

It’s great seeing all Magento folks again in San Francisco and seeing Magento taking the lead when it comes to everything community: the #preinnovate party was dominated bij Magento community members! Also a great honor to shake hands and talk to John Donahoe, CEO of eBay during the dinner session.

I also spoke with Roy Rubin again and we talked about some new stuff that Magento announces today at the conference. Here’ s an exclusive preview to what is about to be announced at the conference…

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San Francisco homeless man beats me on my own turf: 3 strikes and I was out

When you walk through a city, you’ll come across people asking for money. Sometimes homeless people, sometimes someone selling a newspaper or someone getting you to signup for a good cause. It has nothing to do with the person or cause asking me, but I just don’t like being ‘harrassed’ on the street when I’m just minding my own business. If I want a newspaper or support a cause, I’ll figure it out myself, you won’t get it from me asking for it on the street.

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