Magento Extension Bundle

86% discount: The Plundor Magento Christmas & New Year’s Extension Bundle!

It’s almost the end of the year, but that doesn’t mean that your webshop should get a rest after the holiday sales are over! So we (Sander and I) thought it might be a good idea to bundle six of the greatest Magento extensions to crank up those conversion rates.

We started Plundor and for the next 2 weeks, Plundor is selling a $150 dollar  bundle (valued at $1,272.50) that’s worth its weight in gold. It’s the first of many bundles and deals to come!

(100% happyness guaranteed)

Content of the 1st Magento Extension Bundle

Automatic Sale Category – Meabee – £ 49.99 ($ 77.50)
Want to provide your users with a nice overview of all items in your shop that are on sale? Use this extention to do so, complete with product filtering and layered navigation.

Better Store Search – Sweettooth – $ 249.-
Manually Specify Weightings and use complete word processing to get more accurate (automated and controlled) search results so your users find what they need.

CheckItOut – Ecomdev – $ 349.-
Get your vistors through that checkout process as quickly as possible! Use this extension to create a short one-step-checkout process with a lot of configuration options.

Knowledge Base – Aheadworks – $ 199.-
Don’t have a FAQ section or need to upgrade it? This section takes care of regular user questions getting information to the customer more quickly and having less customer requests by e-mail. Also a great way to build valuable content for your SEO rankings.

Red Mobile Theme – RedLightBlinking $ 299.-
How many customers visit your website with their mobile device? Don’t lose sales on those customers and get them their own special theme adapted for mobile devices. Easily customizable with your own logos and colors.

Task Manager – Nimerce – $ 99.-
Do you have multiple employees work in the Magento backend? Get them one central place to create and manage tasks and streamline your shop management flow.

Amped about these 6 apps and the huge 86% discount? The official sale starts today and will be available for limited time only!

(100% happyness guaranteed)

If you have any suggestion to what extension we should include in our next bundle, let us now at our Extension suggestions page and vote for your favorites.

We hope you like it! :)