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Course participant: Introducing Voskan

(for an introduction to this blog series: How to create a Magento Guru)

I am Voskan Martirosian, student of Digital Communication studies at Hogeschool Utrecht. The next 6 months I am going to work as a consultant, project manager and as Guido said probably a Magento guru! I am proud to work with these Magento professionals and a cognitive psychologist. I hope also to be a nice college and learn a lot from working with Magento.

Having learned how Magento operates, I would be glad to educate others how to use this program as I enjoy giving presentations and making people inspired about new products.
The world of Digital Communication is quite broad and I should think a lot before choosing the right direction. According to my experience more and more companies are interested in e-commerce, Search Engine Optimization and advertising. This direction  I would like to choose right now.I would be glad to receive feedback to my (weekly) posts.


Introduction: How to become a Magento Guru

This week, a new intern started at my work: Voskan Martirosian. He’s in his 3rd year of the study ‘Digital Communication’ and will work with us for the next 6 months. He’s quite familiar with all sorts of online stuff but new to e-commerce and Magento. He is eager to learn all about Magento and in the following months he will manage some projects, develop business ideas for Magento shops after they go live and will be introduced to Magento and usability testing.

In other words: We will make him a Magento Guru! (and hopefully, a Magento enthusiast and evangelist… ;))

And why is this great for you? Well, we thought it would be a cool idea to share this ‘creation’ of a Magento Guru with you! On this blog we will do a series of ((bi-)weekly) posts in which I will give Voskan some tips/ tricks/ tasks/ advice. Voskan will respond to my posts telling us what he’s been doing, how my tips helped him (or didn’t…) and where he needs some help. This way we create an online dialogue with (hopefully) many hands-on tips on how to become a Magento guru.

To be clear: Voskan won’t do any development, so the series won’t contain any tips on coding but will mainly focus on Magento features, functionality, (project) management and more general e-commerce and usability subjects.

In the next post, Voskan will introduce himself to kickoff the ‘How to become a Magento Guru’ course. If you already have some suggestions for him, give him your tips in the comments!



101 ways to speed up your Magento e-commerce website

As you probably know by now, Google is Using site speed in web search ranking. And I couldn’t agree more: speed is important for your site, and not only for Google but mainly for the User Experience (UX) on your site. Research from Google and Microsoft shows that slower websites convert less and that the effect of a slow website is lasting.

Sidenote: As a psychologist this might be a form of Déformation professionnelle, but I kinda hate it when people always talk about optimizing for search engines/ Google. Don’t optimize for Google, keep in mind that you optimize for your users!

Ok, so nothing new so far (I hope), but what about the speed of your Magento platform? If you’re serious about e-commerce, 9 out of 10 times Magento will be your best choice overall when looking at features, flexibility and TCO. But there are some complaints about Magento being a very slow system and as I just explained: that isn’t good for your UX.

And although most of these complaints aren’t always fair (off course you’re Magento site is slow when you put it on a cheap shared hosting with 200 other websites!), we all know that of the box Magento isn’t the fastest boy in the class. So that’s where this list comes in…

Below is the list with 101 ways to speed up your Magento site… Well ok, at the moment I have only 30 45 54 62 ways, but if you help me out we can make it to 101! When new suggestions come in, I’ll update this post with additional ways to speed up your website. When more tips come in I’ll probably start categorizing them to maintain an overview.

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