Dating advice for Magento folks

So today is both Valentines day and #MageStackDay and I see A LOT of guys on there working 24hrs to get the Magento Q&A answer rate up which is really awesome! There are some girls there that do great work too, but I’m going to focus on the guys in this post…

So guys be honest: if you 1) work a full week with Magento already, 2) after that dedicate another 24 hours to the community and 3) do this on Valentines day…. you might lack some love in your life. It’s ok. I want to help you with that.

Now I’m not a developer so I’m not of much use helping at the Q&A site today, but I cán do something else. Like research. For example: research on how mentioning Magento on Tinder would work for getting into contact with girls.

TL;DR: Don’t mention you work with Magento

I started just below 70 chats with the text “Hey! What are your thoughts on Magento”.

Over 55 of those chats went like this:

2015-02-14 02.43.04

No reaction whatsoever. I don’t have comparison material with other opening lines, but it seems that if you want to kill a conversation right a way, mentioning Magento seems to be the way to go.

Some did respond and tried asking about this “Magento”.

Explaining it however made sure it was the end of the conversation…

2015-02-14 02.25.10  2015-02-14 02.25.22

2015-02-14 02.25.39  2015-02-14 02.26.39

2015-02-14 02.27.56  2015-02-14 02.30.36

2015-02-14 02.30.58  2015-02-14 02.30.28

Two girls actually knew about Magento!

2015-02-14 02.27.08  2015-02-14 02.27.13

2015-02-14 02.28.54
And one didn’t know Magento but was more into comicbook villains:

2015-02-14 02.26.21















So there you have it: Magento and dating, not the best combination if you actually want to go on a date. At least don’t start with mentioning it. But then again: who would want to go out dating anyway when you have all your awesome Magento friends on Slack…?

PS: we’ve now opened a “Speeddating” channel in the Magestackday slack channel. Not that there are many girls there, but maybe we can exchange advice or something…