My life with Magento – Part 2

So you try really hard to write good content, but just for fun once in a while you post a silly post on your blog with a lot of GIFs, call it “My Life with Magento” and it becomes one of the most viewed and shared posts on my blog.

Guess you like images better than text. I’m a psychologist, should have seen that one coming…

So here you have it, for all you GIF loving animals working hard today during #MageStackDay: My life with Magento – Part 2

For newbees: starting out with Magento feels a lot like stepping into the Tardis: it’s much bigger on the inside!


1 Month after the Imagine conference, we were all waiting for the event photo’s to be put online…


 You’ve chosen Magento! Great! Now will you go for Community or Enterprise…?


Awesome to see so many people get their Magento Certification. It’s not a holy grail though….


Some people who want to start with Magento, ask me if they should start with the current 1.x version, or if they should wait for 2.0 to be released.


It’s 2015. Did you know that the first announced release date of Magento 2.0 was Q4 2011?


Twitter conversation got weirder last year



So did the Google+ Hangouts


@rescueann during #MageStackDay 2015


2 Months after Imagine. Still waiting for those awesome pictures…

“Dear Guido, Can you tell me how I install Magento? I’ve downloaded it, but I can’t find the .exe file” (true story)



I did research on starting your conversation on Tinder with a Magento Question. That didn’t go so great…



This is the only way to get an international group of people talking to each other at Magento Meetups.15442637315_c73b52ae42_z


We all saw it coming, but still: Roy left



Sitting next to @Kingletas at Meet Magento New York


seriously, this is how we looked:


4 months after Imagine. Still no photos. I fear Frankie lost the memory card, or forgot it in the first place… :(



Oh, I’ve been exercising a lot more this year.


Did you really think putting Magento on a generic shared hosting environment was a good idea?


Potential client: “No, we don’t do e-mail marketing, we’re on Twitter”



In the same line: “It’s not our policy to respond to Tweets/ Facebook messages, Comments etc. We only respond to e-mail and phone.”



@Fabian_ikono started his own Magento sub movement: Magento Bronies
He can get you more if you want

  Did you hear that Ikea started selling stuff online? 90s @Magentogirl is great with Lego. Everything is Awesome! 15439461311_d1c18d2861_z

When I heard @BenMarks was appointed as Magento Community Manager

fangirling Seriously, imho he is singlehandedly repairing and boosting the image of Magento in the developer community. Amazeballs.

Wait… they didn’t get Bob as a master of ceremonies at Imagine this year…?!

gizmo Magento on HHVM fast December 2014: Magento 2.0 Developer Beta Release!

Getting psyched about my first answer (and 10+ upvotes) on Magento Stackexchange!


Fistbumping a developer to celebrate my accomplishment (or at least trying to…)

There they are!


Oh well, maybe just one… But, hey, we had fun in Vegas!

Guido & Bob

Got my ticket for Imagine 2015



Good luck with the remaining questions today at #MageStackDay and hope to see many of you soon in Vegas at Imagine 2015 or Meet Magento Netherlands!

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