The Magento forum is dead, long live the new forum!

So after a couple of years of developing a new community portal, Magento put their new forum live yesterday. To the surprise of many, the old forum (including all content) was not archived but trashed. It’s replaced with a brand new install of another forum without transferring the content. A valuable knowledge base of over 8 years of Magento support questions with many good answers.

Granted, the old forum was overflowing with spam (which took its toll on all the great volunteer moderators) which resulted in many low-quality threads. But this also means throwing away a lot of useful answers provided by many Magento enthusiasts and it is going to take years to get the forum at the same level of documenting everything Magento. And installing a proper spam filter and/or CAPTCHA’s can’t be that hard…?

I also guess a large chunk of SEO traffic to magento.com come from links to the old forum. All links to old posts are now just redirected to the new forum homepage. I’m not an SEO specialist, but that is going to hurt.

So out with the old, in with the new.

And with ‘new’ I mean magento.stackexchange.com. That community-powered Q&A site was already building a great knowledge base and gaining more and more traction over the last 2 years. It already contains 23,355 quality answers to Magento questions, which are indexed by Google.

And those questions will stay there for a long time, no one to throw it away.

  • Quentin

    Yep, already I’ve had to resort a few times now to using Google’s cached version of the result page to find the answer to some issues.

  • No appreciation for the community to throw away all this knowledge and user engagement (imho)…

  • This is insane to redirect the visitors to a homepage. It is the death to user experience. Why eBay is up to kill Magento? I am surprised….Magento has more potential than any software in the world to handle ever increasing demand of eCommerce. It is the only way to scale an eCommerce business and to get freedom in doing what we want.