I work with Magento a lot and thus know my way around the system and it’s community. In September 2010 I thought it would be fun to share my knowledge and to start an online course/ blog series on how to become a Magento ‘guru’. (see the blogpost ‘How to create a Magento Guru‘ about how this all started).

Course content

The course will contain (bi)weekly posts introducing Magento and everything that comes with managing Magento projects and creating a firm basis to advice people about using the software to benefit their (online) business. I will share some information and will end with some tasks that participants need to perform in that week. It’s not a full-time course but meant to be done in just a couple of hours a week.

Target audience

This course is aimed at (project) managers, consultants, marketing and communication people and (new) end-users that want to know all about Magento. The initial idea is to make this a six months/ course but we’ll see how things work out :).

PS: This is course is NOT aimed at (front or backend) developers.

Participant: Voskan

Although everyone can join the course, I thought it would be nice to follow one participant in particular. His name is Voskan and is an intern at Magento partner Realvine in The Netherlands (were I also work). Take a look at Introducing Voskan for more info about him.

Costs & Updates

The course is completely FREE! To get automatic updates, Subscribe to the Newsletter, my Facebook page or the RSS feed (the RSS feed only contains Magento Guru course material, use this feed instead if you wish to receive all posts from this website).

Course overview

Here is an overview of the Course so far (in chronological order):