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At the end of the day my batteries were charged with inspiration and energy […] No worries and good organising skills. That’s what Guido is all about. Thank you, Guido, for a great #jd09nl and I hope to see you next time!

Dae Punt

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[…] The presentation itself was very well designed, executed with both patience and humor and Guido made sure the audience kept involved and alert at all times.

Randal Peelen

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Guido is one of the best “connectors” I know. He headed an amazing Magento community day in Holland which I was a part of in January 2009.

Yoav Kutner

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Guido is a great guy to work with, always online and ready to help.

Meta Kruijs

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As Community Manager for Magento he knows his share, and was willing to share with us, what the Magento Community can and can not do. All in all it turned out to be a great seminar with lots of positive response. Thank you Guido, for the inspiring session.

Niek Slaghekke

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Guido was one of the organisers of the Dutch Joomladays when I met him. Guido is a quiet, thoughtful man with a ‘get things done’-mentality. He is a e-commerce professional with a lot of skills. It’s been a joy working with him.

Marc Nederbergh

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We recently had an intens training for Magento Enterprise from Guido Jansen. He is an expert in this area and has the capacity to `translate technical` information into information which can be understood without technical pre-knowledge.

Jos Benders


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