Wunderkit Pro (90 days beta) invites

I just got invited for a Wunderkit Pro Beta account (which lasts for 90 days before you get downgraded to a free account, no details on pricing just yet). Time for a short review and invites!


First impression

Well, it certainly looks wonderful and just like Wunderlist. Not a surprise since they’re both build by 6wunderkinder from Berlin. The interface looks friendly and clean (but you do have to like ‘wooden’ backgrounds). And where Wunderlist is meant as ‘just’ a task management/ GTD system, Wunderkit is meant as a broader system for creating, organizing and accomplishing ‘things’. You can create workspaces (projects) where you can add tasks, notes and communicate about the project with team members. Projects can be public so you can publish public updates to a project. It kinda looks like a Twitter stream for projects which others can follow and you can also post public personal tweets eh… updates. Not sure anybody is waiting for yet another system that does that, but that’s what everyone thought of Twitter too when that started so we’ll see how that’s going. You can also view/ join /follow other public projects and comment on those.

Here’s the official walkthrough of the system:

Wunderlist Plus

I really don’t see me using a system like this and the way it currently works I don’t really see the added value for most people/projects. It doesn’t add that much value to Wunderlist (why give it another name? It’s just Wunderlist Plus IMHO). I know social is hot these days, but I don’t see the added value for (most) projects to have such a heavy social component. But if you already use and love Wunderlist, I bet this will be a very nice upgrade for you, especially if you want to use it with teams.


Most of my tasks and todo’s follow from the conversations I have in my e-mail. And I need to follow-up on most via e-mal. So if you want me to use a task management / GTD system, I personally require a (tight) integration with my e-mail system (Gmail in my case). But that isn’t available and I’m not going to copy/paste tasks and e-mails. In my case a deal-breaker: if a new GTD system wants me into a switch, it has to have a tight Gmail integration. And I don’t mean the ability to foward e-mails to a certain e-mail adres to create tasks. That’s not going to cut it. Another integration that would help Wunderkit, is to sync the Notes section with Evernote (I don’t need anóther notes program). For many projects filesharing is important too so a Dropbox integration would als help with that.
I think that to be a succes, a GTD system should help me to improve my curent workflow. Not introduce a complete new one.

Recurring subtasks

To end the review with a positive: Amongst the new features sub-tasks (break larger tasks down into subtasks) and recurring tasks. Something I see missing in most (and my current) GTD system.

Get in!

If you’re (still) interested :), feel free to give it a try! I just got a Wunderkit Pro Beta account which means I can send others an invite. Just like I did previously with invites to Quora (I invited almost 1000 people there) and Google+ I started handing them out here on my blog.

If you’d like to give Wunderkit Pro a try too, here’s what you can do:

  1. Make sure you follow me…
  2. Place a comment bellow including the e-mail address you want to receive the invite on. I’ll do my best to invite you to Wunderkit within 48 hours (it’s a manual process).
  3. Be happy with you new Wunderkit Plus Beta account :)

Do note that the Wunderkit Plus account only lasts for 90 days. After that you’ll be automatically downgraded to a free account. I don’t see any information on the Wunderkit website that shows what the Plus pricing will be.

PS: if you are wondering: I’m currently using ActiveInbox as a GTD system.

  • Branden

    Hey, thanks for the post. I would love an invite to wunderkit. branden.garrett@gmail.com

  • Marc Dekkers

    Which GTD system you advise we gonna us for MM12?

    • Don’t know. I like Basecamp in general, but MM12 specifically has a high CRM component which isn’t available in Basecamp. Might work when combined/integrated with Highrise, but I don’t have experience with that.

  • Just did the above tasks – larry.weideman AT gmail.com

  • Muller Adrian

    Started following you, muller.adrian@gmail:disqus .com  Thanks in advanced

  • Have you found anything about the pro/free pricing structure? Thanks. (no need for an invite)

    • Nope, haven’t seen anything about Wunderkit pricing so far…

  • Jaime Freitas

    I would love to try it out! can I have an invite, please?

  • Knade

    Can I get an invite please.

  • Jose Albea

    Can i get an invitation please ? i want to try it ! :)
    My email adress : jose.albea@gmail.com Thank you ! :D

  • Hey nice post, especially like the idea of the sub task.

    Anyway, would love an invite pls! :)

    • I need your e-mail address in order to send you an invite :)

  • Zoltan Magyar

    Can I  get one at zmagyar@gmail.com please?

  • Morcarag

    I too am curious as to how much of an improvement this will be over Wunderlist. Would love an invite at morcarag@yahoo.com if you can still give them out. Thanks!

    • Sure, give it a try! The invite is in your inbox… :)

  • Dominic

    Really psyched about it! The UI looks amazing , but how useful is it really?

    Would love an invite! <3

  • Adam

    Please if you could invite me. 

  • Alfonso Maestre

    Would you be so kind to send me one to fonsito at gmail dot com? :) 

    Lot of thanks!!!

  • Vnikv

    Hi! This is interesting! Can you send me one to  vnikv [at] me . com

    Best regards!

  • Ksenthilnatarajan

    Hi ! Thanks for sharing the invites. Please send me an invite. Thanks! ksenthilnatarajan@gmail.com

  • Arthur

    If you have more invites, please send me one.  I need quick & easy + sub-tasks.  I used big systems in large companies.  But today I need to get a lot of small things done quickly.  Organizing ‘partners’ and they don’t report to me!  – Thanks.