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Cross Channel and Magento

Today I presented at a Cross Channel event organized by ISM eCompany. Though containing some specific Dutch examples, it might be of use for anyone looking for the cross channel capabilities of Magento. If you have any questions, suggestions or additions, let me know in the comments!


Magento 1.7 User Guide

In addition to my Magento Community 1.7 and Enterprise 1.12 New Features Walkthrough: Magento also published a new User Guide for the Community 1.7 edition. You can now download it, free of charge from

It looks like Magento has put great effort in this to make and completely updated the guide with new screenshots and information, and not just added info about the newly added features. With the 291 pages and 10,0 MB pdf file they are really living up to their promises that one day, we’ll be complaining about how much documentation there is for Magento… ;)


Magento Community 1.7 and Enterprise 1.12 New Features Walkthrough

Last month at the Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas, new versions of the software were released: Community 1.7 and Enterprise 1.12. The Enterprise version contains 640 Fixes, 24 improvements/ changes and 15 new features. Information is a bit scarce on how the features work and where you can find/configure them, so here’s a review of all these new features that impact frontend and backend users.

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Where's Yoav?

Enterprise 1.12 paying tribute to one of it’s founders

Here’s a screenshot of a fresh Magento Enterprise 1.12 installation. It’s paying a tribute to one of it’s founders… ;)

Magento 1.12 login screen with CAPTCHA enabled

I swear no Photoshop, just 5 minutes of refreshing ;).

By the way, I’m working on a complete review of all Magento Enterprise 1.12 features (the above CAPTCHA is one of them), so stay tuned for that :).


What happend at Imagine, Stays on Twitter (infographic)

Here are two infographics showing the Twitter ctivity around #preimagine and #magentoimagine. Guess we’ve been quite active!


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Rhonda Rondeau

Interview: Rhonda Rondeau

Rhonda RondeauIt’s time for another Magento interview! This time we have the honor to learn more about Rhonda Rondeau, our international Magento Community Manager from Magento Inc!

Rhonda lives and works in Los Angeles, USA. You can connect with her on LinkedIn, Facebook, Myspace (where she worked before Magento) or Twitter and of course on the Magento forum as rondata where she is one of the moderators.

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

I always knew I’d end up doing something technical. I was fascinated with electronics. I was the kid pulling apart her first IBM AT computer at 14 years old and trying to figure out how it worked with a “Know your PC” book. I think I took out the power more than once at home messing with rewiring. ;)

My philosophy on life is…

The glass is always half full. Glasses are created empty and if there’s anything in it whatsoever someone put forth the effort to get it there and you should damn well respect that effort ;)

What is your average day like?

My day starts at 4am and doesn’t end until about 11pm. It’s a mixture of work and family and believe it or not very random. At work – I focus on tasks as they come up prioritizing them in my head until someone with a more important agenda needs me.

The ideal night out is…

A night out? What is this strange concept that you’re speaking of?

I’m good at…

Mostly everything technical. I just have one of those mechanical minds ;) I taught myself how to program on dbase at 16 and continued taking jobs learning everything from configuration management to IT (networking, system admin and security) and back again. I also talk a lot. ;) It’s both a blessing and a curse.

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Brent Peterson

Interview: Brent Peterson

It’s time for another Magento interview! This time we have the honor to learn more about Brent Peterson.

Brent PetersonBrent lives and works in Minneapolis, USA and works as a Software Developer at Wagento Data Consulting LLC. You can connect with him on Skype (creativedata) and of course on the Magento forum as Brent W Peterson where he is one of the moderators.

What did you dream of becoming as a child?

Becoming a Pianist.

My philosophy on life is…

Pray without ceasing

What is your average day like?

Lots and lots of coding and lots of fires to put out.

The ideal night out is…

Nice movie with my wife

I’m good at…

Solving database problems

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Lesson 7: Magento Installation

Ok, enough about the Magento Ecosystem, let’s start the new year by start digging into Magento itself! Again, the course is not meant to make you a Magento programmer, but you will find it useful when you’re able to play with Magento yourself to try things out. In order to do so you will need your own Magento installation before preceding to the following lessons. If you have a webhost that provides automated installation of Magento you can skip this lesson, if not, here’s what you need to do:

  1. First you will need a (proper) Magento host that supports Magento’s basic system requirements or if you want to install locally, you’ll need a fully functional LAMP/WAMP/MAMP installation, configured for Magento.
  2. Create a database for Magento.
  3. Download the latest full release of Magento or the Magento downloader.
  4. Upload the files to your webserver.
  5. Open your browser and go to where you uploaded your files.
  6. Follow the Magento Installation Wizard.

A detailed installation instruction can be found on If you run into problems, ask a techie to help or ask around on the Magento forum :).

Next lesson: Magento multistore.