Embarassing fact: Magento 2.0 was announced 3 years ago today

At the Magento Developers Paradise in 2010, then CTO Yoav Kutner announced Magento 2.0. Later that year, Magento announced that we could expect a stable release somewhere in Q4 2011.

Today, 3 years after that first announcement, we haven’t even seen any sign of a beta release.

At the time, the developers already realised that Magento needed a major code overhaul to support the growth of its customers and to keep up with the fast growing e-commerce world. So instead of building upon the 1.0 codebase, they decided to start from scratch to have maximum flexibility and to make development much faster.

Oh, the irony.

In the fast-paced e-commerce world that’s, that’s (very) embarrassing. If eBay doesn’t get its act together, Magento customers will fall behind the competition and switch platforms.

The original announcement can be viewed on YouTube.

  • benmarks

    Well, at least there is some visible movement on this topic:

    • Public github, with recent updates which incorporate a lot of community requests:

    • Declared support for M1 for three years post-release of M2
    • Invite-only M2 product forum for partners held last week (Oct 3, 2013) in Chicago
    • Evidence that the vast majority of internal development for Magento platform is focused on Magento 2

    Embarrassing that it took this long? Perhaps. My *assumption* is that bringing Magento, Inc. into the eBay fold took a bit of effort and time, the X.commerce platform took a lot of effort away, and eBay have redoubled effort to get M2 to market. It would have been nice to let the community and users of Magento know this, but that’s only possible in retrospect. With all this time left “open”, nothing has emerged to “disrupt” the Magento ecosystem, indicating to me that custom, powerful, OPEN ecommerce is still a hard problem which Magento 2 is likely to solve even better than Magento 1.

  • Zippy

    Totally agreed. eBay is dropping the ball on the OS product. Way to buy it out and tank it guys!

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  • gdfgsdf

    M2 is really cool =)

    • No-one said it isn’t. Just takes a long time to find out… ;)

      • Elena Leonova

        Good things take time. and great things take a long time.
        Meanwhile, please check our public github, and provide the feedback which is highly appreciated by the entire magento2 team.

  • We are eagerly waiting for the release of Magento 2. I think Magento 2 will introduce a lot of stability once it gets released . It allows quick accessibility of Magento websites to its visitors.

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  • Lloyd

    Actually Magneto2 is what 73 dev builds at of 4.11.14 and yes that was intentional spelling…. ;)

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